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Panasonic TC-P46G15 Features Review

The G15 series contains many of the top end features that will make this line one of the higher priced plasmas on the market. The G15 series is an update of the G10 series plasmas. They offer the same features and panel as the G10 in a slimer, more attractive case.

Of course there is 1080p resolution along with SD Memory card slots which allow playback from video recorders and digital camera's that are compatible with Viera Cast , Panasonic's proprietary menu system. While we give no credence to manufacturer contrast ratios, Panasonic boasts an improved native contrast on this series to 40,000:1. All this really means is that the contrast will be better than previous contrasts but we'll have to wait to review the product to report how much. After calibration to D6500 contrast figures will likely be around 400 to 500:1.

This high end G15 series is also THX certified which is an expensive and time consuming ad on which has relatively small payback according to Consumer Electronics Advisory Group's editor Robert Wiley. "This is an unproven specification enhancement which we feel ads a lot of cost and headache to the product without much return on investment. It's basically a certification to make sure the product calibrates to THX's specifications."

See our review of the TC-P46G10 for coverage of the G15's panel and feature set.


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