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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

BenQ claims both the VA321 & the VA371 are HD compatible and feature an 8 ms response time and they bear a HDCP-supported HDMI interface.

The sets make a definite style statement BenQ describes as a “Subtle minimalist design with touches of luxury, characterised by straight lines used as a basic element throughout.”

Plenty of processing grunt is claimed inside the set, too: 10-bit colour processing which processes 1.07 billion colours at once while amplifying the colour refinement level and smoothing over grey scales. Furthermore, incorporated HDTV de-interlacing is said to be able to de-interlace any signals from SDTV to HDTV, thus producing crisp, clear images.

HD Ready
Supports analogue components as a HD input format to allow full compatibility with today’s HD video sources, displaying the highest picture quality of HD signals.

8ms Quick Response Time
Equipped with an ultra-fast 8ms grey-to-grey response time, the VA321 delivers smooth images with no lagging.

Ultimate Visual Sensation

10-bit Colour Processing
To process 1.07 billion colours all at once. This amplifies the color refinement level, smoothes over gray scales, and produces true and rich colour.

HDTV De-interlacing for crisp, clear images
To de-interlace any signals from SDTV (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) resolutions to HDTV (1080i) resolutions to produce a pure and more natural looking image without visible artifacts or jagged edges.

Humanity in Design. Joy in Convenience.

HDMI (High-Definition Multi-media Interface)
An all-digital audio/video interface allows uncompressed signals to be translated into the highest quality available. With built-in intelligence, the HDMI also provides you with a simple way of controlling your HDMI-linked system.


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