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JVC LT-42DA8BJ Review

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The JVC LT-42DA8BJ is a 42-inch LCD at a budget price mark for it’s size. Giving you a few extra inches at the cost of a typical 32 or 37-inch LCD HDTV. The LT-42DA8BJ can be found for around £800 ($1600) which is a very nice price for a screen of this size, offering a resolution of 1366 x 720 pixels for 720p and 1080i HD formats, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 500cd/m2 brightness.
Connection wise the LT-42DA8BJ’s inputs are good, offering two HDMI inputs, 2x RBG scart, component and composite, unfortunately there is no VGA PC input, but if you have DVI on your computer or media center you can use a DVI-HDMI adapter.
The JVC LT-42DA8BJ features an internal analog tuner and digital freeview tuner which includes a 8-day programme guide. Cnet UK have reviewed the LT-42DA8BJ and say they pleased to see 42-inch TVs on the market for such a sensible price. If you want a big screen, but don’t have the inclination (or wallet) to spend a lot of money, the JVC LT-42DA8BJ may very well suit you.


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