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LG 47LB2RF review

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The LG 47LB2RF is as you might guess from it’s name, is a 47-inch LCD HDTV which offer full HD through 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution and dual HDMI inputs. The 47LB2RF looks great and offers the best HD viewing though 1080p but less than amazing standard signal viewing. CNET UK have taken a look at the 47LB2RF and say its glossy black finish gives it real presence and style. It’s certainly encouraging to see that a lot of thought has been put into the television’s design.

On Blu-ray and HD DVD material the television is a good performer. We auditioned some of our favorites, such as Serenity and Happy Gilmore. The picture was bright and the level of detail was very good. Content downloaded from the Internet also produced good results.Upscaled DVD performance was also good. We put on the special edition of The Big Lebowski, which has been remastered for maximum standard-definition quality.

If you are looking to spend £2,200 on a television, you’ll get far more for your money elsewhere. This may be a 1080p set, but the standard-definition performance is not good enough for it to be attractive to most people. If you’re after a 1080p TV, the Sharp Aquos LC42XD1E is smaller, but half the price.


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