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Finishing off with the new 2008 announcements Vizio has added four new LCD HDTVs to their existing VW series. The Vizio WV series represents a great budget buy, and are hugely popular in US. They have expanded the existing line up by adding two smaller sets, the 19-inch Vizio VW19L, and the 22-inch VW22L. These sets maintain the existing 720p resolution, and are intended for use with gaming and also computing.

Vizio have also added two larger, higher specification models to the lineup, by adding the 42-inch Vizio VW42LF, and the 46-inch Vizio VW46LF. Both of these sets offer a higher HD resolution for 1080p Full HD images to provide higher detail and quality. These sets also offer three HDMI inputs 1.3 along with ATSC / QAM tuners, a high 178 degree viewing angle and a removable base.

Vizio VW19L | $399.99, May 08
Vizio VW22L | $449.99, July 08
Vizio VW26L | $549.99, In-stores Now
Vizio VW32L | $669.99, In-stores Now
Vizio VW37L | $849.99, In-stores Now
Vizio VW42LF | $1349.99, May 08
Vizio VW46LF | $1749.99, January 08


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