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Mitsubishi have added eight new 1080p LCD HDTVs to their line up, the 133, 144 and 244 series called Thin Frame. The new LCDs are top of the line premium Full HD 1080p LCDs with many of the latest features including HDMI 1.3 for deep color, x.v.Color and also 120Hz support for extra crisp fast motion scenes.
Mitsubishi 133 / 134 Series

First up is the Mitsubishi 133 Series which includes three 1080p HDTVs, the 40-inch LT-40133, the 46-inch LT-46133 and the biggest 52-inch LT-52133. All feature three HDMI 1.3 inputs with .v.Color, PerfectColor, Easy Connect. Also available is the 40-inch LT-40134 from the 134 series which also adds PerfecTint, NetCommand and a side HDMI 1.3 input.
Mitsubishi 144 Series

The Mitsubishi 144 Series includes the 46-inch LT-46144 and the 52-inch LT-52144 and features PerfectColor, side component input, and Smooth120Hz for 120Hz 1080p images when enables the LCD screen to update quicker for more fluid, and smoother fast moving images with no motion blur.
Mitsubishi 244 Series

Finally the Mitsubishi 244 Series includes the 46-inch Diamond LT-46244 which also features all the features of the 133 series plus Smooth120Hz, PerfecTint, a CableCARD slot, digital TV guide, NetCommand and an additional side HDMI input.


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