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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The Samsung HL-S5679W is the industry’s first LED-based rear projection HDTV. Trust Samsung to feature an LED engine that provideds superior life, quicker start-up and amazing color reproduction. No image burn-in and a reliable long lasting picture.

Cinema Smooth 1080p Light Engine
Samsung is the worldwide leader in creating light engines that harness DLP HDTV technology from Texas Instruments. Samsung’s Cinema Smooth light engine brings together the right optics, electronic circuitry and replaceable light source to create a brilliant picture that’s more lifelike and much closer to film. Now in its fifth year of evolution, Samsung’s Cinema Smooth light engine delivers crisp, 1080p High Definition resolution with high contrast and brightness, defined edges and sharp detail.

Next Generation DLP Chips from Texas Instrument
DLP TV by Samsung employs a Texas Instruments DLP chip that is comprised of millions of microscopic mirrors. The DLP chip is faster than any HDTV technology, with the mirrors switching on & off 15,000 times a second to deliver a razor-sharp picture for fast moving images When combined with Samsung’s new Cinema Smooth light engine, the result is a crisp, bright picture with deep, rich colors that’s closer to film.

Samsung’s DNIeâ„¢ - Digital Natural Image Engine
Samsung’s exclusive Digital Natural Image engine makes the sharpest and clearest images possible, regardless of the profile of input signals. Five image processors and a six-times density enhancer ensure the best picture from any source. Now in its fourth generation, DNIeâ„¢ guarantees the truest colors and highest contrast, while virtually eliminating digital artifacts.

Cinema Mode
Samsung’s Cinema Mode lets you see colors the way the director intended, by matching them more closely to production standards. This creates more accurate colors and natural skin tones when viewing Hollywood movies on your TV-the perfect setting when enjoying movies with the lights off.

My Color Control
You can get the pink tones, the green of the grass and the blue of the sky just the way you like, without affecting the other colors on the screen. The three major colors can be adjusted to perfectly fit your taste. Self expression meets display perfection.


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