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LG 47LB5D Review

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The sleek and stylish black gloss finish gives the 47-inch LG 47LB5D a great look, which stands out from the sea of other black gloss HDTVs of recent times. The 47LB5D is the second largest from the LG LB5D series and offers full HD 1080p resolution, a vast three HDMI inputs, VGA PC input (1920×1080 max resolution), component, s-video and the usual connections. LG proudly present their Full HD 1080p sticker on the front of the 47LB5D to attract buyers, although this does not interfere with the look of the set. Cnet have reviewed the LG 47LB5D and say, LG decided to add a third HDMI port, a move we applaud. The rest of its rear-panel connectivity is pretty standard, including a pair of component-video inputs, a VGA-style PC input (1920×1080 maximum resolution), one standard AV input with a choice of composite or S-video, and a single RF input for antenna or cable. In an unusual move, LG included both types of digital audio output–optical and the rare coaxial–for the built-in ATSC tuner.

The picture quality of the LG 47LB5D is about on par with some of the inexpensive models we’ve tested, but not up to the standards of the better name-brand LCDs. Its biggest failing, as usual for an LCD, is black-level performance.

Also avaliable from the LG LB5D series are the: LG 37LB5D, LG 42LB5D, LG 47LB5D, LG 53LB5D.


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