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Vizio have introduced their new “Black Tie” range which consists of the 42-inch Vizio SV42LF and the 47-inch SV47LF LCD HDTVs. Vizio have introduced a lot of new technology to this line, starting with full 1080p HD LCD screen with 120Hz processing, Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) to reduce judder and improve sharpness during fast motion scenes, along with a side mounted “HD Game Port” HDMI input.

Both the Vizio SV47LF and SV42LF have a 6,500:1 contrast ratio, a healthy selection of four HDMI 1.3 inputs, integrated ATSC / NTSC / Clear-QAM tuners and built-in Dolby 3.0 processing. The high performance LCD Black Tie sets also feature a slim and sleek frame with a brushed a brushed aluminum accent under the thin piano black bezel.

Vizio say: “The Black Tie series is just one example of the best-of-breed products VIZIO will bring to market in 2008 as we continue to offer consumers the widest selection of HDTVs with state-of-the art performance and features.”

Vizio SV42LF, $1,499 - July 2008
Vizio SV47LF, $1,899 - July 2008


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