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Pioneer’s new 50-inch plasma offering comes from their new Pioneer Kuro line of plasmas which are available in 42″, 50″ and 60-inch sizes. The Pioneer PDP-5080HD is the mid size 50-inch Kuro which offers a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD and uses Pioneer’s very latest technology for very impressive black levels and colors along with ASIC video processing for both optimal HD and SD image quality.

As well as having some of the best input selections available, ranging from four HDMI inputs, VGA, component and the usual non HD inputs, the PDP-5080HD has a built in light sensor for measuring room light and adjusts the HDTVs settings to give you the very best image quality.

The Pioneer PDP-5080HD has received very high marks from Cnet where they say the PDP-5080HD gives the very best black levels seem from any LCD or Plasma screen currently available and say, the picture quality of the Pioneer PDP-5080HD is among the best we’ve ever tested. That’s due mainly to the set’s ability to produce a very deep level of black, which impacts many other areas of performance. The PDP-5080HD preserved all of the detail in the shadows, outlining the muscles of the fire-lit Spartans, for example, without losing any definition. We could have achieved an even deeper black by lowering the brightness further, but as usual, that crushed some detail in shadows.


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