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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

Sony BRAVIA KDL-32V2000, it’s all very well having great picture processing technology going on behind the scenes - but the panel itself is of course equally important. The 8ms panel is excellent and if you’re watching films, I think it’s safe to say that you won’t see any motion-blurred images whatsoever - blur on the new BRAVIA is reduced to a trace. If you play a fast 60fps video game, you might notice some very slight blurring in very dark areas of the picture, but that’s neither unbearable nor unexpected. In this regard it’s much better than the 2004 LCD WEGA I’ve been used to - a huge improvement in a short space of time. Perhaps in another 2 years we’ll have 100% ghost-free panels?

It took them enough time, but Sony of Europe eventually gave us a European version of a BRAVIA LCD that’s worth cheering about. It’s not perfect connectivity wise, but everything that’s important is here (even if I will need to spend even more money on a switch box). Yes, it’s ridiculous that on a TV this expensive, I still need to make use of a Component video switch, but the picture quality and black levels make up for it, so I’m very happy.

Although it can be tempting to go for a TV that costs £100-200 less - and there are some very good alternatives out there that DO include 2 HDMI inputs, such as the new JVC LCDs - I do recommend that people go for a BRAVIA instead. With developing technology, you do of course get what you pay for, and since Sony operate a number of fairly tempting cashback schemes - effective when buying other selected Sony electronics or a SKY HD subscription - the extra expense could soon be forgotten.

* Excellent picture quality
* Surprisingly good Digital TV performance once tweaked
* Deep reds and greens
* Very good image scaling
* Per-input settings
* Adjustable backlight that can drop to VERY low levels - excellent black levels
* Incredible Comb filtering (for Composite video material)
* Clean OSD
* 1:1 input over VGA


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