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JVC have announced their new P Series range of LCD HDTVs which all feature an iPod dock. The iPod dock on the JVC P Series is called the iPod TeleDock, which flips downs at the base of the set, which provides a direct connection allowing playback of both video and audio through the HDTV. It will also change the iPod while the set is off and playback can be controlled by the clickwheel type TV remote and menu screens.

Available as a 720p resolution 32-inch JVC LT-32P679, or a as a full HD 1080p panel on the JVC LT-42P789 (42-inch), JVC LT-47P789 (47-inch) or as the very large 52-inch JVC LT-52P789.

If the iPod playback is not your thing, the P-Series also offers some other great features, including a ATSC/QAM tuner, side mounted USB photo viewer port, and a healthy selection of three HDMI inputs, 2x component, s-video SPDI and analog audio out.

JVC P Series Models
LT-32P679 (32-Inch) March 2008 | 720p
LT-42P789 (42-Inch) March 2008 | 1080p
LT-47P789 (47-Inch) April 2008 | 1080p
LT-52P789 (52-Inch) Summer 2008| 1080p


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