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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The Pioneer PDP-427XD is one of the best, maybe even the current leading plasma screen out there in this size. The 42-inch PDP-427XD is Pioneer’s seventh generation production, and comes packed with features and has a great looking black gloss finish.

High-definition sources can be directly connected using two HDMI digital inputs, which offer versatility and the highest quality performance from HD devices. At the core is the latest Pureblack Panel 2 supported by a unique Crystal Emissive Layer as part of the front glass panel, which reduces unwanted light emissions to create distinctive black levels that enhance contrast and definition.

There’s also sophisticated digital video processing using the new PURE Drive 2HD system assisted by several proprietary technologies that aim to reduce noise, enhance colour gradations and create high-resolution images from standard-resolution sources.

High-definition sources are equally impressive with sumptuous colours, cohesive movement and even more detail. We did, however, notice that 1080p sources did appear more precise using a ‘Full HD’ resolution LCD like Samsung’s LE46F71BX.


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