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Sony’s KDE-W50A12U

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Sony’s KDE-W50A12U Let’s face it, plasma costs a lot of money, and for the general buying public the price differential between similar sized LCD HDTVs is hardly enough to justify the increasingly marginal benefits the more expensive set offers. Still, we know we can count on Sony to drop a good 50-inch HDTV like their KDE-W50A12U, which TrustedReviews took a look at and for whatever reason declared Sony’s last plasma (which we thought was a misreported rumor refuted years ago). Still, the TV has as a native 1,366 x 768 pixel count with HDMI, component, and three SCART inputs, and a digital tuner to boot. But while TR seemed to think it was a great display, a 50-inch Sony TV that could run you as much as £4,500 (about $8,400 US) is becoming increasingly difficult to justify in the world of affordable home theater rigs that in their entirety wouldn’t cost as much as this display alone.


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