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LG 42PC55 Review

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The LG 42PC55 Review offers you a large 42-inch plasma screen with a nice black glossy frame for a price cheaper than most. This is because the set is HD, but it’s of the older, smaller resolution 720p variety rather than the more recently popular 1080i/p formats. If you’re looking for a large HDTV but don’t want to break the bank for the latest features the 42PC55 could be the answer. Cnet UK have taken a look at the LG 42PC55 and say there is a generous selection of inputs, including two HDMI, two Scart sockets and component video in. There is also a VGA input for connecting your PC or media center to the TV, the usual resolutions are supported.

Watching high-definition video was a pleasant experience — we thought the picture was decent, but not the best we’ve seen. The TV deserves a credit for producing very strong colours, which make watching it very enjoyable.

If you are on a budget this TV will appeal, but there are other TVs available for similar money if you are prepared to accept a smaller screen.


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