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The Pioneer PDP-4280HD is the smaller of the three Pioneer Kuro plasma HDTVs. These Kuro sets have received a lot of attention due to their use of the most modern HDTV technologies and their great looks. The 42-inch PDP-4280HD plasma set has a 1,024×768 pixel resolution and boast very impressive black levels which are among the very best in the industry, brining great colors and contrast.

The Pioneer PDP-4280HD is clearly a very modern HDTV from it’s connections, offering a whole four HDMI 1.3 inputs, which is the very latest version of HDMI, bringing extra features such as Deep Color and automatic lip-syncing. Other inputs include, 2x component, 1x s-video, 3x composite, PC VGA and USB inputs.

We do not currently have a review of the 42-inch Kuro, but we do have a review of the almost identical bigger brother Pioneer Kuro, the 50-inch PDP-5080HD, which you can view here. The only difference between the two is that the Pioneer PDP-4280HD has a slightly lower native resolution, and fixed speakers, so we expect the over all performance to be very similar and impressive.


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