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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The LVM-47w1 is ready to rock and roll as soon as you unpack it. The stand is part of the housing, which has a satin gray finish with a black bezel around the screen. There are no front panel controls and indicators, other than a Westinghouse logo that lights up when the monitor is turned on.

There are plenty of input connections. You’ll find a pair of AV jacks (composite and S-Video) along with L/R audio jacks to go with them. There are two separate component (YPbPr) inputs (on RCAs) with L/R audio to match, and the ubiquitous 15-pin VGA connector for PC sources. A 1/8-inch mini jack provides the audio interface for that source.

On the digital side, the LVM-47w1 gives you a pair of HDCP-compatible DVI inputs. Both are specified to be compatible with native 1080p/60 signals. There is also an HDMI input, which supports digital audio as well as video. All three digital video inputs are equipped with their own RCA L/R audio connections.

Overall, the LVM-47w1 delivers exceptional image quality when displaying progressive-scan HD sources, does a very good job with interlaced HD, but would benefit from a quality video scaler for SD video. Also, its viewing angles aren’t as wide as a plasma HDTV. You can move your viewing position only about 45 degrees either side of center before the image starts to wash out.

Still, the idea of having full 1920×1080 resolution in a flat panel HDTV this large at the price of a 50-inch, 1366×768p plasma is hard to resist, particularly since 50-inch 1080p plasma HDTVs will currently cost you three times as much. And the LVM-47w1’s extra DVI/HDMI inputs with full 1080p compatibility are a big, big plus if you have (or plan to have) a Blu-ray or HD DVD player in your system.


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