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Panasonic’s TH-65PV500B: is one of the very few truly giant flat TVs that’s been designed from first to last with your ‘Average Joe’ home user in mind. Well, Average Joes with seven grand to spare and a living room the size of the local village hall, that is…

The 65PV500B’s domesticity starts with its looks. It’s actually part of Panasonic’s popular and acclaimed Viera range, and in keeping with many other sets in this range it looks resplendent in its glossy black fascia and silvery trim. It’s worth saying, too, that considering the monstrous amounts of heavy screen glass the TV chassis has to support the screen frame is actually reasonably slinky, making sure the TV doesn’t take up any more of your precious wall space than it really has to. The speakers are detachable, too, so that you can position them away from the screen, or else ditch them entirely in favour of your own audio system.

Although its pictures aren’t quite as good as those of smaller Panasonic plasmas, they’re still in the premier league in the 55in and above market – especially when it comes to consistency with different quality sources. It’s also unusually domesticated for such a large screen, and its sound is good enough to put many separates-based home cinema systems to shame.


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