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LG 42PC1DA HDTV Review

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You could very nearly buy two identically sized bargain plasmas for the price of one LG 42PC1DA plasma HDTV. Its price of $3000 (as of 6/6/06) is nearly twice that of some 42-inchers we’ve seen in the PC World Test Center. But plasma enthusiasts would do well at least test-drive the LG. Hands-down, it had the best-looking screen of any plasma we’ve tested recently, according to our test jury. For the average popcorn-munching TV watcher, it may not be worth the steep price–but if you demand a top-notch picture, you’ll want to check this one out personally.

The LG 42PC1DA is a luxury TV in every respect. From its sleek, glossy black case to the smooth curves of its base, this HDTV commands attention even when it’s turned off. But power it up and you’ll find your eyes dazzled by the display itself. The LG outpaced every other TV we tested, in almost every category. The set received its highest marks for color quality, particularly showing off the vibrant reds and greens in a scene from theSeabiscuitDVD that we use for testing. Brightness and contrast were also exceptional: The set is rated as being 25 percent brighter than most other TVs right out of the box, and a little tweaking boosts this differential even more. Bottom line: Whether viewing DVD video, high-definition, or standard-definition content, the LG was our go-to model for crisp detail and spot-on color.

Screen Size 42 In.
HDTV Integrated Tuner
HDMI Interface 2/0
Aspect Ratio 16:9 widescreen
Comb Filter 3D Y/C
Dimensions (HWD) 29.5 x 44.5 x 13.1
# PIP (Picture-in-Picture)
Weight 69.5 lbs.
Resolution 1366 x 768
S-Video In/Out 1/0
# CableCard Slot
# PC (VGA/SVGA) Interface
Composite RCA (In/Out) 2/1
Component Video 2/0
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1


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