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The Sony Bravia KDL-46X2000 is the biggest set to date from Sony’s so-far exceptional new Bravia range. Second, it’s the first set to emerge from Sony’s new flagship Bravia ‘X’ Series and so comes packing a notably fuller feature set. Finally and most significantly, it’s the first TV from Sony to sport a ‘full HD’ resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
Few mainstream brands do classy looks better than Sony, and the 46X2000 is no exception, looking just peachy in its pitted inner and transparent outer frames.

There are two HDMI inputs, this doubles the HDMI quotient of Sony’s current S and V Bravia series, and even better, it turns out the HDMIs are both capable of taking in the new ultra high quality 1080p HD format set to become such a hot potato with the launch of Blu-ray and HD DVD, the set also has two HD-capable component video jacks. Four HD connections in total.

The 46X2000’s prohibitive cost and occasional problems with standard definition pictures arguably don’t make it the sort of ‘all rounder’ that might suit casual TV viewers. But if you take TV and home cinema seriously and intend to embrace every facet of the current high definition revolution, it’s hard to think of a TV better equipped to make your HD dreams come true.


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