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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The 57F59 CRT rear-projection TVs feature a video processor that converts all signals to match the set 1080i display resolution; and a high-brightness lens system that magnifies the image for precise focus and detail in widescreen home-theatre proportions, Hitachi notes. These displays also feature the Day and Night memory by input, as well as a DTV and NTSC tuner. They also boast a patented Magic Focus Auto Convergence System; HDMI digital video/audio input; high-contrast 0.52mm fine pitch screen, and six aspect mode choices.

* 1080i Display 1
* DTV Tuner 2
* High-Brightness CRT’s
* High-Brightness 4-Element Lens System
* Magic Focus Auto Digital Convergence
* 1080i Digital Video Processor
-3 HD Aspect Modes
-6 SD Aspect Modes
-1080i/720p/480p/480i Input Compatible
-Split Screen/Picture in Picture 3
* High-Contrast Fine-Pitch Screen
* 3-Colour Temperatures
* Edge Enhancement (SVM)
* Black Enhancement
* Digital 3D Y/C Comb Filter
* Energy StarĂ¢„¢ Compliant


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