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LG 37LC2D Review

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The LG 37LC2D 37-inch LCD has great looks necessary to catch your eye at the store.

HD connections are some what of a disappointment , though, as we discover just one HDMI socket. Admittedly this socket, in conjunction with a single component video input, ensures the TV satisfies the connectivity portion of the key ‘HD Ready’ specification. But we’re really starting to expect to see two HDMIs these days.

As you’d expect these days, the 37LC2D also backs up the digital tuner with full compatibility with the 7-day electronic programme guide – and in fact presents its listings information unusually well.

This LG’s attractive price, lovely looks, healthy feature count and aggressive approach to pictures will doubtless help it stand out from the LCD hordes down at your local high street electrical store. But if you make the effort to see past all the surface pizzazz, you’ll find the truth in the old adage that all that glisters isn’t gold.


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