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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The Samsung HL-S5687W 56-inch screen is surrounded by a 0.75-inch-thick, glossy black border on the top and sides, for comparatively compact overall dimensions of about 50.9 by 35.6 by 16.3 inches. It’s also lighter than any 56-inch set has a right to be, weighing in at 73.4 pounds.

Samsung HL-S5687W delivered the goods performance wise, producing commendable black levels and plenty of detail with few artifacts or extra video noise. Its color accuracy wasn’t ideal, and we saw some of the rainbows inherent in current DLP products, but overall picture quality was very good.

With standard-def sources, the HL-S5687W more than held its own, smoothing out jagged edges and difficult moving lines well, such as the waving American flag from the HQV test disc. The set also did a fine job detecting 2:3 pull-down cadence and engaging film mode quickly to remove artifacts from film-based sources. Note that you’ll have to turn film mode on in the menu to engage 2:3 pull-down since its default setting is off. As we mentioned before, the Samsung HL-S5687W’s noise reduction cleaned up lower-quality sources quite well with no apparent loss in detail, although we recommend leaving it off with high-quality sources.

With a slick design, well-rounded features, and solid performance, the Samsung HL-S5687W is a top choice for people who want a 1080p big-screen but don’t want to break the bank.

If you are looking for the smaller 50-inch HL-S5087W or the 61-inch HL-S6187W in the Samsung HL-S87W series, this review is still relevant, as the only difference is the size or the sets.


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