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JVC 688, 788 Series.

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JVC have added four new 1080p “Full HD” LCD HDTV to their line up under their 688 Series and 788 Series. The slightly lower end the 688 series includes a 37-inch LT-37X688 and 42-inch LT-42X688 models with an all black gloss finish. Then the higher 788 series has a 42-inch LT-42X788 and larger 47-inch LT-47X788 models, also black with an added silver trim and ultra thin bezel.

Although these four HDTVs come from two different series, they are piratically identical, with exception to the outer design finish. All four boast the top of the line 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution for 1080p Full HD formats along with JVC’s D.I.S.T. upcoverting engine technology which upconverts all lower quality image signals to full 1080p to make use all all the available pixels these monsters have.

To ensure the best possible picture, the new sets feature JVC’s Genessa chip, a 32-bit CPU processor that combines all image processing, noise reduction and color management technologies together onto a single chip for more efficient communication, and thus better performance. Genessa includes JVC’s Motion Adaptive Dynamic Gamma control, an algorithm that preserves tonal details and gradations in dark areas so that the image doesn’t appear muddy.

All four sets offer a full complement of inputs – two HDMI v1.3 inputs, two component inputs, three composite inputs, three AV inputs, an S-Video input, and optical digital audio out, and a fixed audio out.
For HD program reception, all four sets include a built-in ATSC tuner for receiving over-the-air digital terrestrial broadcasts and a Clear QAM tuner for receiving unscrambled digital cable signals.

Look out for the 688 series in June, where the LT-37X688 will sell for $1,599, and the LT-42X688 for $1,999.
The 788 series will be available a month later in July, the LT-42X788 will cost $2,099, and the LT-47X788 $2,699


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