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The KDL-20S2020 is from a big name, Sony, but it’s for sure not a big HDTV. The Sony KDL-20S2020 measures just 20-inches, it’s compact size is probably aimed for use as a second TV or for the kids room or study, or just if you don’t like those big sets taking up your living room space.
TrustedReviews have taken a look at the 20-inch KDL-20S2020 and say, Inevitably given the set’s HD Ready status there are single HDMI and component options for digital and analogue HD sources respectively. There’s also a D-Sub PC jack - far from a given at this screen size - and even a CAM (CableCard) slot for adding subscription TV services that reveals the presence of a built-in digital tuner.

A native resolution of 1,366 x 768 rounds out the TV’s HD Ready status, for starters. But we’re also impressed by a claimed contrast ratio of 1200:1 (a figure that shames many TVs twice the size) and a claimed response time of 8ms, which will hopefully mean this Sony handles motion much more ably than most of its small-screen counterparts.

There’s no doubt that upwards of £450 is a fairly steep price to pay for a 20in LCD TV when you can get one or two 26in models for around the same money these days. But whereas those cheapo 26in models tend to sacrifice performance quality for price, Sony has defiantly chosen to go for broke in performance terms, producing in the process quite possibly the finest 20in LCD picture performance yet.


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