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LG 37LB1DB Review

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The LG 37LB1DB is a great looking and well priced 37-inch LCD from LG with a sleek black gloss finish with good conectivity with two HDMI ports and numerous connections. TrustedReviews take a look at the LG 37LB1DB and say, for starters, colours are presented with plenty of the lovable vibrancy that LCD has made its trademark, being driven off the screen with almost visceral intensity at times. But unlike some fellow LCD wannabes, this level of colour aggression is not achieved at the expense of a consistently natural and believable colour tone. Even notoriously tricky to show skin tones like those in the Mines of Moria in The Fellowship of the Ring are reproduced with aplomb.

Overall, the 37LB1DB’s HD antics all strike me as being well beyond the call of duty for a 37in flat TV selling for south of a grand. If it were up to us, every last TV programme broadcast would be in high definition, and every home would have a Blu-ray/HD DVD player and/or an Xbox 360. But sadly it’s not up to us, and the world’s got a long way to go yet before standard definition is a thing of the past. So while we admire the LG 37LB1DB’s ultra-affordable high definition talents (and stunning design) immensely, its troubles with standard definition currently make it impossible for us to give it an unreserved recommendation.


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