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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The Sony KDS-60A2000 has tighter dimensions than earlier Sony SXRD rear-projection televisions, thanks to Sony’s wise decision to move the speakers from the sides to the bottom. Its big 60-inch screen is surrounded by a thin, black frame that’s set forward from the mostly silver cabinet. A subtle strip of translucent blue-green runs the width of the cabinet’s front, sitting above the perforated silver speaker panels and a flip-down door that hides a few principal controls as well as a set of inputs.

The Sony KDS-60A2000 delivered excellent picture quality, with deep black levels, plenty of detail in shadows, exemplary grayscale tracking, and excellent overall detail. Its color reproduction isn’t as accurate as we’d like, and it has some issues with standard-def processing, but overall, it’s still one of the best 1080p HDTVs we’ve tested.

The KDS-60A2000 exhibited excellent white- and gray-field uniformity for a three-chip display, varying very little in color across the screen, although its middle was brighter in relation to the corners of the screen when compared to the single-chip Panasonic DLP.


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