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Vizio is the leading HDTV produce in the US, and they have announced a whole bunch of new HDTV ranges. The Vizio Evolution series comprises of six LCD HDTVs, ranging in size from 22-Inch VO22L all the way up to a massive 52-inch Vizio VO52LF.

First up are the 22-inch VO22L, 32-inch VO32L, and the 37-inch VO37L which all offer a 720p support and resolution, while the smallest VO22L has a 1680×1050 pixel resolution, probably aiming it’s self for dual use as a great computer monitor also. The larger 42-inch VO42LF, 47-inch VO47LF, and largest 52-inch Vizio VO52LF all offer a higher 1080p pixel resolution for the very best image quality at these large sizes.

These Evolution models all look great with a slim, flat black finish. The 42-inch to the 52-inch all have a great offering of four HDMI inputs, while the smaller lot have two. Other features include a side access game port with HDMI input, picture-in-picture, zoom and freeze frame modes.

Vizio Evolution Series Models:
Vizio VO22L (22-Inch) | $459.99, March 08
Vizio VO32L (32-Inch) | $699.99, March 08
Vizio VO37L (37-Inch) | $899.99, March 08
Vizio VO42LF (42-Inch) | $1299.99, April 08
Vizio VO47LF (47-Inch) | $1799.99, January 08
Vizio VO52LF (52-Inch) | $2499.99, July 08


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