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The Panasonic Viera TH-37PX600, with which Panasonic hopes to prove that its unique decision to stick with plasma rather than LCD technology at the 37 inch screen size is born of a desire to give consumers the best picture quality rather than a stubborn refusal to change with the times.

The TH-37PX600 belongs to Panasonic’s latest ‘flagship’ Viera range – but you wouldn’t guess this from looking at it. Its predominantly grey bezel looks bland and feels plasticky compared with most flat TV rivals. Things do perk up a bit, though, if you pop the telly on Panasonic’s glamorous cabinet stand mounting option.

Connectivity is impressive. Starting the good news off are two HDMIs, but these receive ample backing from component video ports for connecting analogue HD devices like the Xbox 360, a D-Sub PC jack, three Scarts, and a front-mounted SD card slot.

The 37PX600 absolutely excels – and teaches LCD rivals a harsh lesson – is colours. We’ve seen more vibrant hues from some LCD TVs perhaps, but if like us you value natural tones and subtle shading over naked aggression, the 37PX600’s colour palette’s deft touch and extreme range is simply a joy to behold.

Another plus of the 37PX600 is its flexibility. Its V-Real processing and plasma technology together take the trip down from high to standard definition surprisingly in their stride, avoiding the colour tone, softness and noise issues that plague so many LCD TVs’ standard def performances.

The 37PX600’s new speaker design helps the set deliver an audio performance that’s nearly as impressive as its visuals, with stonking amounts of power, frequency range, bass rumble, vocal authenticity and treble accuracy.

Final word: Another effortlessly sublime TV from Panasonic – and one that proves without doubt that you write plasma off at your peril.


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