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The Panasonic TH-65PX600 is a large 65-inch plasma from Panasonic with a slim polished black frame that shows off the size of the set without being an eyesore. The TH-65PX600 has been packed full with connections and reviewed by TrustedReviews where they say, . A D-Sub input provides analogue PC support; a component jack permits connection of analogue progressive scan and HD sources like the Xbox 360; there are three Scarts; and you even get an SD card slot for direct viewing of JPEGs from SD cameras.

Reinforcing the 65PX600’s ‘serious’ AV credentials further is its affinity for 1080p. For starters, the version of Panasonic’s Viera V-Real engine it carries has been specially modified to upscale any signals it receives into 1080p HD for showing on the screen. Potentially even more significantly, though, its HDMIs are all capable of receiving native 1080p feeds from HD DVD/Blu-ray/upscaling DVD players.

The TV’s other strengths all have a connection, it seems to us, with its native full HD pixel count. Whenever we’ve got a 1,920 x 1,080 TV there are essentially three critical elements where we expect HD material to look better than it would on a 1,366 x 768 or 1,024 x 768 plasma. First, there should be more fine detail. Second, there should be more subtlety in colour blends thanks to the extra pixel density. And third, there should be more ‘snap’ and clarity to the picture on account of there being less – or even no – rescaling of an HD source to fit the screen’s pixels. And we’re happy to say the 65PX600 clearly delivers all three of these full HD benefits in quite spectacular fashion. In fact, we’d argue that its sheer enormity helps it give the finest demonstration yet of the ‘full HD’ advantage in action.


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