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LG 50PC1D Review

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The LG 50PC1D is a 50-inch plasma HDTV for under $2000, as a well researched buyer would know, this is a very low price for a set of this size. The 50PC1D looks great with it’s polished black frame and multiple connections including two HDMI inputs, component and the usual plus digital audio out. Does the LG 50PC1D live up to it’s price tag? TrustedReviews say there’s a rare intensity and vibrancy by plasma standards to the way the set presents such colour-rich fare as Viva Pinata on the Xbox 360 or Superman Returns on HD DVD. But this richness is sadly seemingly only achieved at the expense of colour tones that look far more unnatural – gaudy, even - than we’re remotely comfortable with. Skin tones are particularly hard hit by the 50PC1D’s colour problems, frequently looking almost disturbingly over-ripe and flushed.

The 50PC1D is a perfectly credible audio performer too, using its sheer size to good effect to produce a soundstage that’s loud, widely dispersed, and fleshed out by at least passable amounts of bass. There’s not sufficient clarity in the treble spectrum or quite enough openness to bass lines to make it a truly classic audio performer, but the sound is certainly potent enough to do the scale of the 50in images justice. And you can’t really ask for much more than that from a 50in TV that costs under £1,300.


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