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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

The Fujitsu P55XTS55 and P65XHA51 which come in at an incredible 55-inch and 63 inches of plasma HDTV respectively feature the company’s latest AVM II video processing technology and improved brightness.

AVM II is Fujitsu’s own version of the picture sharpening, improving and upscaling technology we see from every HD TV manufacturer and it appears good to its word since both models now feature impressive 1800:1 contrast ratios and superb 900 cd/m2 brightness levels.
The P55XTS55 & P65XHA51 models feature 1366 x 768 1080i panels when it would’ve been great to see them attempt the 1080p route so impressively navigated by Toshiba’s 42WLT66.

Unfortunately there is just one HDMI input. It is now August and the HD TV world moves fast. In fact Tosh’s new REGZA’s were recently announced to have three!, so this is a big let down when compared to the very recent new bunch of HDTV’s.


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