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Remember the Hitachi 1.5 UltraThin LCD HDTVs you saw at CES earlier this year? Well the 1.5 Ultra thin series has now been released in the US in two separate model ranges. First up is the Hitachi Directors series X, and the Hitachi Ultra Vision V series. We will be talking about the X series / directors series here.

The 1.5 ultra thin sets had a huge amount of attention at CES and rightly so, they are just 1.5-inches thick or thin. The Director’s Series Models will be avaliable in four sizes, from 32-inches to 47-inches. On the larger end, we have the 47-inch Hitachi UT47X902, 42-inch UT42X902, and 37-inch UT37X902, all with a 1920×1080 pixel full 1080p HD resolution, 120Hz Reel120 technology and two year warranty.

On the smaller end of the Hitachi X series, we have the 32-inch UT32X812, and UT32X802. The former features the 120Hz Reel120 technology, while the latter does not. Both have a 1366×768 resolution and 2 year warranty. The unrivaled thinness also comes with a great 360 degrees design that is appealing all around. All come with an optional audio video center.


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