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LG 42LT75 Review

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The LG 42LT75 brings something different to the table than many of the other HDTVs out there. The 42LT75 is one of the first to feature “Freeview Playback” which enables you to record digital and analog TV to a 160GB hard disc for upto 60 hours of recording and then watch it back later, very much like the impressive Sky+ feature. Is this just a gimic or a truly functional and useful feature?

HHD recording aside, the LG 42LT75 is a very nice looking HDTV with a 42-inch LCD screen, surrounded by a black gloss finish with elegant curves. The LCD screen offers a 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution, with a 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a screen brightness of 500cd/m2. These features will enable great standard definition freeview quality along with supreme HD quality playback of high definition content.

Another great feature of the freeview playback is it enables you to pause and rewind live TV, while also recording one channel while viewing another. This is possible by the inclusion of two digital tuners in the LG 42LT75. CnetUK say, older LG HDTVs have really struggled showing standard definition sources, but here, the brand really seems to have got its act together. Pictures from the digital tuner look clean, sharp, richly coloured and naturally toned, resulting in some of the best we’ve seen on an HDTV.


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