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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

Looking for a big HDTV?, and I mean a very very big HDTV? Then you can look no further than the brand new 103-inch plasma HDTV, the Panasonic TH-103PF10UK. This massive plasma screen of course has a full 1080p HD resolution and a whole bunch of improvements over the previous model. This 103-inch plasma hdtv comes from Panasonic’s 10-series of plasmas.

The new and improved Panasonic TH103PF10UK apparently has better wall mounting configuration, new improved video processing technology for a sharp image when showing lower resolution content, or during zooming on an image, and a new anti-reflective coating to improve visibility in light reflecting environments.

New wireless presentation capabilities of the TH-103PF10UK allows control from anywhere in the room. Connections are good with dual HDMI inputs, component, and PC VGA input with sound inputs.

A HDTV this size does not come cheap, at around $70,000, but it does come with a very impressive 100,000 hour service agreement, which is much better offer than you see with most HDTVs.


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