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The Panasonic TH-58PZ700U is a very large 58-inch plasma set which offers full hd / 1080p screen and a sleek, great looking design. The TH-58PZ700 has received great reviews and remarks from proud owners of the large plasma set. For a large set this size, the benefit of the 1080p higher pixel resolution of 1920×1080 can defiantly be noticed over the standard 720p (1366×768 pixels) HD format.

Improving on their already successful TH-58PX600U the TH-58PZ700U has the higher 1080p HD format and all around new features. The standard calibration shows natural colors and the ability to further adjust color settings for each individual input is a great feature. The TH-58PZ700U (TH58PZ700U) has an anti-reflective screen to minimize ambient room light being shown on the screen. Connections include 2x HDMI, 2x component, composite, s-video and also a PC VGA input. Cnet have reviewed the plasma and say, the TH-58PZ700U delivered excellent picture quality in just about every regard. We liked its deep blacks and extremely accurate color temperature. Black levels are some of the very best ever seen. With PC sources going in via HDMI, from the DVI output of our test computer, the Panasonic performed very well. It resolved every detail of the 1,920×1,080 resolution source and text looked great.


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