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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

Samsung have given the plasma HDTV market some love with it’s latest 50-inch plasma offering, the Samsung PN50A550. Samsung looks set to win some of the plasma market back from Pioneer with the PN50A550. It comes from the new Samsung Series 5 range, and offers a full HD 1080p resolution, with advanced processing to improve image quality and reduce noise.

The specifications look very impressive on the Samsung PN50A550, with a very high contrast of 30,000:1 for great colors and black levels, along with 18-bit processing for smooth color grading and Samsung’s Ultra FilterBright technology. Connectivity is very good also, with three HDMI 1.3 inputs, PC VGA input, component, s-video, and USB 2.0 for photos and music playback. Cnet took a look at the PN50A550 and say, excellent picture, with highly accurate colors, very little noise, and solid processing. Unlike most HDTVs we’ve tested, the Samsung PN50A550 was able to successfully de-interlace 1080i film-based material once Film Mode was engaged.

PC connection on the PN50A550 is also very good via both the HDMI and VGA inputs, resolving all details at the perfect 1920×1080 pixel resolution.


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