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If your after a 1080p HDTV then Hitachi’s new fall line of HDTVs should please you. They have announced 10 new HDTVs in total, most with full hd 1080p resolutions. Featuring a 60-inch plasma, two 55-models, three 50-inch plasma models, and four LCDs available in 42-inch and 47-inches.

All new models announced by Hitachi will include Hitachi Picture Master IV or V video processing and Reel60, a technique is applied that accurately and automatically eliminates the jittery or stuttering, by applying a motion interpolation technique that creates new frames based on the original film images, Hitachi’s Reel60 processing technology smoothes out the movement and precisely matches the original motion.

The Hitachi P60X901 and P50X901 from the Director’s series plasma will be available in August for $7,999.95 and $4,299.95, respectively. The 55-inch H-Series P55H401 and 55-inch T-Series P55T501 will be available in September for $2,999.95 and $3,299.95.

The 50-inch S-series P50S601 will be available in July for $3,499.95, while the 50-inch V-Series model P50V701 will be available in August for an MAP of $3,999.95.

The following LCD displays will be available in September.

L47S601 47-inch S-Series : MAP $2,999.95
L47V651 47-inch V-Series : MAP $3,199.95
L42S601 42-inch S-Series : MAP $2,299.95
L42V651 42-inch V-Series : MAP $2,499.95


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