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Hitachi P42T01 Review

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The Hitachi P42T01 is a large 42-inch plasma HDTV offering 720p and 1080i at a resolution of 1024 x 1080 pixels. The P42T01 is a very well designed set with a nice slim black gloss surrounding the plasma, with a solid base unit. The base unit / stand swivels and rotates electronically with the press of a button on the remote control to position the set for optimal viewing. The connectivity on the P42T01 is quite good, with two HDMI inputs (one on the rear, and one on the front) we would have still preferred two HDMI inputs on the rear, although a front port is always useful for quick connections. As well as HDMI the P42T01 also has s-video, component, s-video, 3x scart and USB for digital cameras. Cnet UK reviewed the P42T01 and say, The Hitachi P42T01 produced a very attractive picture. There was plenty of detail and pictures looked natural. Sound quality was decent overall. We could easily distinguish speech, even when there was background music or special effects.

We love the picture quality of the Hitachi P42T01, but we’re severely disappointed by the sound quality and the single rear HDMI. That said, if you’re buying a TV to fit into a home cinema where you’ll be using a proper Dolby Surround decoder, then the P42T01 would make a great center piece to that setup.


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