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Samsung LED 3D TV Best Price

Philips has been a leading innovator of LCD TV technologies over many years. Their research have focused on the problems that have plagued the LCD TVs, mainly in black level reproduction and motion blurring. This, together with the combined efforts of other big players in the LCD arena has established LCD TVs as mainstream flat panels over recent years. The latest HDTV models from Sharp, Sony and Samsung have brought the game to the next level; panels now have native resolution of 1920x1080 and best of all, are ready to accept 1080p material.

The two flagship models from Philips, the PF9831D and the PF9731D only accept up to 1080i material, but the latter has a higher resolution of 1920x1080. We are going to look at the 42-inch PF9831D today, with its exclusive Ambilight Full Surround, and find if there are any compelling reasons to consider this model in the 1080p-ready age.


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