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Sharp LC42XD1E Review

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The hottest display panels on the HDTV market at the moment must be the 1080p LCD TVs that feature the full HD native resolution of 1920 x 1080, and are capable of both receiving and displaying 1080p video signals. On the 40" to 42" front, 3 familiar household names dominate the scene: Sharp with LC42XD1E, Samsung with LE40F71BX, and Sony with their KDL40X2000 (premium range) and KDL40W2000.

Launched in October 2006 to much fanfare, Sharp's XD1E is the latest addition to their very respectable Aquos range of LCD TVs in the United Kingdom. Consumers have 4 choices when it comes to screen size: the 37" & 42" versions with 3-wave backlight; and the 46" & 52" variants with 4-wave backlight (red, green, blue and crimson red). This article is an indepth review of the ever-so-popular 42" version, the LC42XD1E, which not only boasts the largest screen, but also happens to be the cheapest when compared to Samsung's and Sony's offerings.


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