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Pioneer 2008 Kuro Lineup

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Pioneer has just announced it’s product line up for it’s new Kuro 2008 models. It’s existing Kuro plasma HDTVs are extremely popular, award winning, and probably the very best plasmas avaliable. Given this, we are very excited to hear about their 2008 lineup for the Kuro range.

Pioneer has done something rather surprising, they have expanded the KURO product line into two other display technologies, no longer will the Kuro just be plasma. The two new display methods are, front projection in the Pioneer KRF-9000FD projector, and some LCD Kuros. And finally, for the plasma lovers, don’t worry, there are four new plasma HDTVs in the Kuro lineup which look very impressive.

Pioneer’s theory is this; the front projector for cinephiles who want the biggest viewing experience, with the Pioneer KRF9000FD offering a projected 1080p image from 60-inches all the way to a huge 200-inch projection. For the smaller displays, they have the 32-46 inch LCD HDTVs, and for the larger screens, plasmas in 50-inch or 60-inches.

The Kuro LCDs all have a 1080p resolution, with 100Hz mode, anti-reflective screen, and three HDMI 1.3 inputs. Available as the 32-inch Pioneer KRL-32V, 37-inch KRL-37V, and the 46-inch Pioneer KRL-46V.

The new 2008 Kuro plasmas have an even more impressive black level than the existing Kuros, bringing the new screen even closer to the “absolute” black we desire. The new models apparently have better black levels by 5x the current models! The 50-inch PDP-LX5090, and 60-inch PDP-LX6090 should be avaliable in June this year.


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