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Pioneer and their Kuro range of plasma HDTVs are undoubtedly the best of the market, and have received a large number of awards, especially for their extremely impressive black levels and overall image quality.

The new 2008 Pioneer Kuro plasmas improve on the very best with even higher picture quality performance. The 2008 second generation Kuro plasmas move even closer to “absolute” black by further reducing idle luminance and improving black levels by five times the 2007 Kuros. This 5x statement is very impressive, and we can’t wait to see these sets in action!

The improved black levels lead to more accurate and higher contrast levels with deeper colours. The 2008 Kuro plasmas are avaliable in 50-inches as the Pioneer PDP-LX5090, or as the larger 60-inch Pioneer PDP-LX6090.

The new Kuro’s have a feature called “Optimum Mode”, which automatically synchronises video and sound, while also monitoring the content and room light conditions and then adjusting the picture and sound settings, which results in the best viewing experience.

All models are “HD ready 1080p compliant” with a 1080p resolution, are just 3.7 inches thick (20% smaller than the 2007 Kuros), feature a new remote, ISF C3 calibration ready, and seamlessly integrate with other A/V equipment. There are also the “H” models of the new Kuros, the Pioneer PDP-LX5090H and PDP-LX6090H, which we believe are the high specification models with both a digital terrestrial and satellite tuners, an advanced user interface with Kuro style graphics, and DLNA compliant “Home Media Gallery” for playback of movies, music and photos through a home network or USB.

Model Information:

PDP-LX5090 (PDPLX5090) | 50-inch - 1080p - SD Terrestrial - June 08
PDP-LX6090 (PDPLX6090) | 60-inch - 1080p - SD Terrestrial - June 08
PDP-LX5090H (PDPLX5090H) | 50-inch - 1080p - SD/HD Terrestrial and Satellite - Region Dependant release date.
PDP-LX6090H (PDPLX6090H) | 60-inch - 1080p - SD/HD Terrestrial and Satellite - Region Dependant release date.


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