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Pioneer has done something new with it’s extremely popular and multi award winning Kuro plasma range, by adding some LCD displays into the Kuro mix. Their new Kuro LCDs are being marketed as “LCDs for smaller screen sizes” (32-46) while their plasma panel HDTVs with be for the larger sizes (50 and 60-inches).

The Pioneer Kuro LCD HDTV range are all full HD 1080p resolution and support 100Hz frame mode for great fast moving picture performance. The LCD screen features an anti-reflective layer, three HDMI 1.3 inputs and has been specially tuned by Pioneer for a very high standard picture quality. The LCD Kuros will be avaliable in three sizes, the 32-inch Pioneer KRL-32V, 37-inch Pioneer KRL-37V, and the largest of the LCDs, the 46-inch Pioneer KRL-46V.

The LCD range differentiates itself from the Kuro plasmas in the design department with an “aluminum look” design. We have yet to see any photos, but we are sure they will be impressive.

Pioneer KRL-32V (Pioneer KRL32V) | 32-inch 1080p | August
Pioneer KRL-37V (Pioneer KRL37V) | 37-inch 1080p | August
Pioneer KRL-46V (Pioneer KRL46V) | 46-inch 1080p | Unknown


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