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Pioneer are truly leading the way with their plasma HDTVs over the recent years, and their recent Kuro range are currently the world’s best. The Pioneer PDP6010FD is a large 60-inch plasma HDTV from the Kuro line, all of which have received great reviews from both professionals and also proud owners of the sets.

The 60-inch PDP6010FD has a full HD 1080p plasma screen offering a 1920×1080 pixel resolution and can accept all HD formats. Upconversion of standard definition content is very good, making the image very acceptable and HD content is very impressive indeed. The Pioneer PDP6010FD has excellent black levels and colors for a very impressive viewing experience.

From the other Kuro’s we have seen, we can be sure that the PDP-6010FD is just as impressive as they are. Inputs include HDMI, component, composite, s-video and a dedicated PC VGA input.


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